Tuesday, January 2, 2018

December done!

Second month of the challenge, a bit more difficult yes. We had a few mulligans because of the Holidays (maybe start in January next time?) and we added a few names (may they rest in peace) to our Field of Bones (right side list, below the challengers).

But we also saw more awesome entries, lots of efforts and sweat and blood being spilled to reach that dealine!

CONGRATULATIONS! You now have around 400pts of figures amassed in 2 months! That's AWESOME!

And now we move on to cold and sad January, where the only thing that will sustain us are alcool and miniature painting. BRING IT ON!


  1. Right then! (breaking out the 1/2 gal of Jack and a paintbrush). But Jack is horrible as an ink... better in a mug! At least Social D is blasting on the airwaves now!

  2. Yeah, December sucks for hobby stuff. I'm always travelling and don't always have the best internet connection. I almost never get anything in for the open submissions for AHPC either. Even though I'm North of the equator, this is the time of year when we do most of our outdoor activities. Summer is when we hole up inside.


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