Sunday, January 14, 2018

Millsy's Empire: Duke Leopold von Bildhofen (157pts)

G'day Guys,

Here's my January submission, Duke Leopold von Bildhofen of Carroburg mounted on a pegasus. 157 points of feathery, fanciful goodness to take me past the 600 point mark.

It's a lovely model but was a right bugger to paint and assemble. Being an all metal model I elected to do the rider and saddle separately to make things less likely to topple over or get damaged. Whilst that certainly helped with the painting, assembly and gluing caused me a number of headaches with glue spills and a repaint of part of the pegasus. Such is life!

Anyway, trials and tribulations aside he's done now, ready to flit about the table terrorising my enemies and generally looking the dog's whatsits.



  1. Just a great looking general! I really like your work on the wings

  2. Beautiful work, and those heavy fellows are really hard to assemble!

  3. Gorgeous paint job! This must be the month of the Generals!

  4. 2 Pegasus in 1 month! Great minds think alike Millsy ;)I hear you on the painting and assembly, mine had some crazy flash and mould lines. You done an awesome job here, love the horse color, and the paint work on the wings is brilliant!!!!

  5. Great looking model! Finally, a pegasus not painted with usual white. I like it!

  6. He looks great. I particularly like the close up shot of his mustache. I've taken to painting things in pieces of late. Sometimes it's the only way.

  7. Great realistic looking effect on the gilded metal work on the saddle too!


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