Sunday, January 14, 2018

Lissanne's High Elf Tower of Snow/Swords of Hoeth (208 pts)

10 Swords (16 each), including standard bearer, musician and champion (+48 pts)
'There too were the folk of the Pillar and the Tower of Snow. and both these kindred were marshalled by Penlod'- the Book of Lost Tales vol 2.  the Fall of Gondolin.

Another of the 12 Houses of Gondolin, Swords of Hoeth as the Tower of Snow.
The champion 'Penlod the Tall' is half a head taller than the other rather tall figs, so is a accurate figure to be unit champion. I decided I didn't like the look of the shields I had put on the test figure after all, so these have no shields.

With the banner I was fortunate in that the plastic one I had was perfect! It could be painted up to look like a fancier version of their (unused) shield design, so I kept it.
And here is a pic of the army up to this point- if you wonder why there are no archers, well, I have already bagged way over my limit of archers in my already painted High Elf army (house of swallow, remember).  These are units that happen to make an army that I wanted to paint, but hadn't gotten around to painting.   (and my photography set up is a bit small....)

 Next, We skip up a decade in when it was written by Tolkien, and back centuries to the beginnings of Middle Earth proper, 7 Reavers as the 7 Sons of Feanor.


  1. Superb work Lissanne, I especially like the pale blue and the gems are just lovely

  2. These must really pop on the table. Great job.

  3. Well done. Really like the pastel color scheme

  4. Magnificent! Pastels are challenging to paint, well done.

  5. Well, these are maginifcent! Very neat painting and excellent colours. Great job, Lissanne!

  6. Looking great, I really like the pale colors and white-ish armor. It all gives the feel of snow. A worthy addition to your army, hopefully you can get some action shots at Brian's.

    1. I will bring them for sure (I was planning on it!)

  7. It's very original!!!
    I like much!!!

  8. Beautiful painting and excellent background detail :)


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