Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Anthony's Beasts of the Blue Serpent Clan (195pts)

While it has become prevalent amongst marauding tribes, in truth the Cult of the Blue Serpent has found sympathizers even amongst seemingly normal members of society. For there will always be those amongst us who wish for nothing more than to see the world burn. However, in the Realms of Chaos, it is no small wonder that beastmen form a significant portion of the Serpent god's followers and they are second in number only to marauding thugs. Disfigured, mutated and abhorrent in every way, beastmen of the Cult wait in fervent anticipation for the wakening of the Serpent god when the world of the righteous will be brought to its knees and annihalated in one final act of contempt.

Beastmen emerge from a forest and attack a nearby village

A progress shot of the army as it stands so far, as requested by our benevolent overlord:

Part of this month's work included painting matching freehand shields with the icon of the Blue Serpent

Some pictures of this month's offering, 15 beastmen (10 pts/model) with light armor (+2pts) and shields (+1pt) for a total of 195 points. This brings my army total so far to 770pts

Before paint

After paint

Some individual glamor shots of the protagonists:

Next month, more thugs - this time with bows for a little ranged fire. See you then!


  1. Very nice! I especially like their shields which are all different, but all the same!

  2. Great looking unit. The Army thus far shot is impressive. My favorite is the two headed guy, cool figure.

  3. That's starting to look like a proper warband. ;)

  4. Love the shields! That and the basing really ties the whole warband together

  5. Thanks all. Good to get some encouragement before starting the next 20 thugs. Morale is wavering ...


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