Monday, January 29, 2018

Mustafa’s A Tale Of Two Brothers. (367 points)

Frundi and Brundi, twin sons of Grundi, are infamous throughout dwarfdom for being responsible for the fall of Kor Darahl, the once prosperous Dwarven trading settlement on the banks of lake Skellik.

While on guard duty one night, Frundi had suggested a small wager to help pass the time. He bet his brother that he could skip a stone across the nearby lake further than him. Not one to refuse a challenge, least of all from his younger brother ( 3 minutes and 27 seconds younger!), Brundi eagerly accepted.

Brundi got up from his stool, grabbed a stone, and sent it spinning across the lake. One, two, three, four skips! He confidently sat back down and poured himself a celebratory ale. His confident smile soon turned to a stony grimace however as Frundi’s throw easily surpassed his.

Brundi leapt to his feet, demanding that they go again.

Best of 3!

Best of 5!

Best of 7!

This went on well into the night. Each time Brundi thought he’d won, Frundi managed to out throw him. By the time they got to the 173rd throw, goblin raiders from the nearby hills had already snuck into Kor Darahl and killed half the inhabitants in their sleep. All the brothers could do was watch the settlement burn in the night.

Too ashamed to go back, they took to the road, taking odd jobs to earn enough money to buy enough ale to drown their sorrows. Between working and drinking, they spent their days blaming each other for their predicament.

Frundi had always known how to push his brother’s buttons, and took delight in working him into a rage as it was one of the few pleasures he had left in life. This was not a particularly difficult task as Brundi was plagued by the guilt of what he had done. While staying above a small dive of a tavern on the outskirts of Bründlesparg, the brothers got into another particularly loud and ale fueled row. After much taunting, Brundi finally lost his temper and flew into a rage. He grabbed Frundi with both hands, lifted him overhead, and brought him crashing down onto his knee, snapping his spine with an almighty crack.

As Frundi lay writhing on the floor, wailing in agony, Brundi blacked out, overcome by the reality of what he had done. He woke the next day on the floor of the tavern they’d been staying above, surrounded by the dismembered bodies of the other patrons. Gazing around the blood soaked tavern, Brundi smiled. A quiet contentment filled him as he surveyed the carnage he had wrought. He knew then that only more death would relieve the guilt that plagued him.

Frundi and Brundi 180 pts

Daemon Weapon

Chaos Armour

Huge Head (to represent his giant helmet)

Siamese Twins (to represent carrying his crippled brother)

Strength (he’d get pretty strong carrying a dwarf on his head!)

Blood Rage (to represent tolerating his annoying brother)

Dragon Ogre and Chaos Spawn 187 pts

Total 367 pts


  1. Off the hook Mustafa. I do want to know more about the Spawn and Dragon Ogre though. ;)

  2. Luv that fluff 😉 lovely paint work as well.

  3. Those are some great figs! (and great fluff!)

  4. So much character in those sculpts. Excellent painting. Cheers

  5. Fluff is truly Oldhammer. Painting isn't too shabby either ;)

  6. Fantastic add this month. I love the centaur.

  7. Cheers chaps!
    I was thinking of writing something for the Spawn and Dragon Ogre, but I ended up writing so much for the general that I thought I’d end up boring people.

    I’m getting tempted to redo my first unit though as they are too bright for compared to the others now.

  8. These are all greatly painted! Well, I had to say that I can’t imagine a better general than this one! By the way, interesting thing that dragon ogre: is, perhaps, a zoat conversion?

  9. That double-stack dwarf is a very cool mini. Nice work!

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Great models and awesome paintjob

  12. I love the story. Great work

  13. Cheers for the kind comments :)

    The dragon ogre isn’t a conversion, but you are correct with the zoat comment. It is supposed to be a chaos zoat, but I figured he’s close enough to a dragon ogre :)


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