Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Richard's The End of the Line

This is the last month that I'm going to be posting my stuff as part of the OWAC. After last months Mulligan I've made fair progress on the Dwarfs, another 11 Clansman, ignoring that there are 2 standards in there, and the Battle Wright, with his Champion Consort and his personal banner bearer.  I also made progress on the Stone Thrower proxy, until I realized that points are for the crew not the machine in WHFB3, only 30 not the 108 I was thinking it was. Some of these aren't quite done done, so this is what would have been, not what is.

So this months total would have been:

1x Dwarf Battle Wright Shield, Heavy Armour, for 197 points
1x Dwarf War Forger (Champion Consort)  Shield, Heavy Armour for 132 points
1x Dwarf Foe Smiter (BSB) Shield, Heavy Armour for 102 points
12x Dwarf Clansmen including Champion, Standard and Musician, Shield, Heavy Armour, Hand Weapon for 190 points
1x 6 Man Stone Thrower (proxy) (no crew yet) for 30 points.

So I've got the points easily, Dwarf heroes not being cheap, for this month and could coast for next month, so why am I withdrawing? I just haven't the time to do this and also my other miniature related projects. Look at the other side of my bench, a nice stack of Marauder MM10 Dwarfs from Iain Aitken, in need of magnets (done) and movement trays before heading to the studio table to be photographed, processed and posted to SOL. Same for the set of Empire Foot Knights, same for the Marauder Fighters whose mates are en route from the UK, same for the ME Dwarfs who just need shields and replacement bosses, same for some ME Orcs, the Windmill needs its sails (thanks Rusty.) Then there is the nice (thanks Andy) Hobbit cart that needs a base, a couple of pre slottas that need touching up and Corabell Bogel needs some brush love. There are Minifigs DD Hobgoblins, FTG Gnolls and FTD Dwarfs that need painting etc on trays out of shot. I could continue with the Challenge, and will work on the Perry Dwarfs as a separate project having picked up a load of them, but not to any deadline, I can't do it all given work and family, this has to give. I'll finish my Perry Dwarfs another day.

So sayonara, I wish the remaining contestants well, and look forward to seeing more of y'alls armies as they progress.


  1. Noooo, but I can understand! Anyway, great banner the green one!

  2. The finished ones are lovely, regardless.

  3. Sad to see you go. I love those stunties.

  4. Sorry to see you go Richard. Seeing all the things you put on SOL is a consolation though.


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