Thursday, March 1, 2018

Blue's Shame...Unplanned Mulligan...

Well, time to face the reality that I'm taking my Mulligan this month. 

Go ahead....heap on the shame...I can take it...

The month started off very promising and I got a ton of work started on a whole bunch of figures.  But as crunch time approached my house was visited by Papa Nurgle and I've spent the last week either taking care of sick family members or being sick myself.  It couldn't have happened at a worse time for my painting.  everything is 95% done...but I just couldn't get the last few layers applied or the bases done in time...


Here is where I left things...

...Close but no cigar.

Next month should be a breeze though...:)




  1. Ah that's a crying shame mate, but as you said yourself, March will be a piece of piss!

  2. Easily an above-average paint job as they stand. I feel your pain, Papa visited our house last month

  3. How can I shame you when your 95% done models put my completed ones to shame. Feel better and crush March!


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