Thursday, March 1, 2018

Ross: Less of a shambles

I've had a good and bad start to the year. Good in the sense that things are generally going well, but bad that I had to mulligan in January because I've been so busy working.

I managed to do some painting as part of my work, but it was for my own miniatures. Notably, these little guys.
But they're not Undead! 

These are:

5 Death riders with lances, light armour : 135 points

3 Carrion : 135 points

Total for the month: 270 points

Plans for next month

I'm going to deviate, or simply add in some extras. I have more carrion to expand the current unit.  I'm also going to add the first hero and some zombies!


  1. I really like the carrion. Cudos on the gnomes too.

  2. What? No undead gnomes? Ah well. They are all beautiful units though, as usual!

  3. I really like those carrion, you totally nailed the condor/ buzzard vibe.

  4. I really like the cavalry, well done!

  5. Nicely done old chap. I can’t wait to see a full army shot.


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