Thursday, March 1, 2018

Dave's February Mulligan

As mentioned in my previous post, my plan from the beginning was to use February as a mulligan month to get a head start on March, which will have be the month I paint the largest unit in my army. You will see by the end of March that this regiment is really not that big at all, in comparison to a lot of the other armies on this blog, but I am a very slow painter indeed and thought it best to be as cautious as possible with my March deadline.

I have actually run into an odd problem with my plans for the final two months of painting. Neither March nor April will quite add up to 200 points! This is simply because I had a few higher-point units in the earlier months and this left too few points for the end of the competition. I may end up painting some "extra" models for March and April that aren't really in the army to try and meet the 200 point threshold, including perhaps the alternate Sorceress that I was thinking of using. We will see... it will be a little surprise treat for the final months.

Now, I had every intention to show you this month a lovely work in progress picture of the entire force so far. That is, until I unpacked the models from our recent move... yes, you guessed it, approximately a third of them have been damaged from the move to the new apartment! Tragedy strikes! Luckily, no real irreparable harm was done, but to put them in order again will take a few days of gluing and painting touch ups here and there. The Dark Elves will ride again!

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  1. Actually quite a good, strategic use of the mulligan. I wouldn't worry about the point total too much. I caught the same issue in my army, that's why I painted the individual knight in December. As long as you're in the high 100's and are painting 1000 total, I don't think anyone really cares.


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