Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Lissanne's Middle Earth High Elf May Wrap-up

Well, I now have a 4th edition High Elf army from the Battle of  Unnumbered Tears by Tolkien (1174 pts)

Here is the Army List- with the CORRECT 4th edition points (I hope)
2 Crossbows 100 pts
General + Chariot 218pts (164 pts + 54pts)
Battle Standard- 101 pts
Reaver Champion- 51 pts
Reaver Hero- 116 pts
Reaver musician 52 pts
4 Reavers- 124 pts
11 White Lions + shields 187 pts
10 Tower of Snow/Swords of Hoeth + 48 pts champion 225pts
1174 pts

Not sorry to have done these troops which I have wanted to paint for a long, long time.  And I love painting challenges, they keep me going.  But it did get to be a bit of a drag at the end, as I barely know how to play WF, and prefer doing figures that will see play in the near future.  Still it is nice to have 1000pts more of High Elves to add to the couple of thou I have now.  Eventually, 5000pts!

So here it is unit by unit
 2 Crossbows from the House of the Swallow 100 pts

General Feanor and his chariot 218pts (164 pts + 54pts)

Reavers- the Seven Sons of Feanor, includes Army Banner, musician and Hero (444 pts)

11 House of the Mole- White Lions + shields 187 pts 

10 Tower of Snow-Swords of Hoeth + 48 pts champion 225pts (the 11th warrior will become part of the House of the Pillar soon- new unit!)

So in total 1174pts.  Not too shabby

In truth, the few times I played 4th, I did so with a 5th edition High Elf book, which is why the points got messed up.  But now they are listed as standard 4th for the end of the challenge.  Since all my friends play 3rd anyway, it is just numbers...

For the next challenge (I am a sucker for challenges!)

Demons call to me, so my next army will be RoC or 5th demons depending on the rulebooks available.  I will definitely keep up the inspiration to paint if I am painting those.  Maybe some on round bases.  (go ahead and shame me, I like 40K) I have been doing a lot of demonic types lately, and have a shoebox full of them set aside for the next challenge.  Next best thing to a 40K challenge are the demons of chaos (short of calling howling banshees witch elves, that is)!

And thank you Iannick, Jeff, and all the challengers for making this happen.  It was a blast!


  1. Great army! Love the snow swords.

  2. Great write up, awesome painting.

  3. Great looking army, great looking army pic. I think we all suffer from not really having the opportunity to play that much. We should try to figure out a way to do an OWAC Oldhammer meet up.

  4. Great wrap-up! I enjoyed reading about your mash-up of WH figures and Tolkien lore.
    And that's a lovely army, well done!

  5. Very nice army and write up.

  6. Amazing army Lissanne, it's quite the little strike force. ;) That chariot is my favorite of all, and the cosplay for the army shot WIN!!!!

  7. LOL!!! YES!!! you certainly win the Army pose contest! that is is your tidy little force of Middle earth elves. Well done.

  8. Great work, Lissanne. The story behind your army is fantastic

  9. Excellent army, and nice background! A great job, Lissanne

  10. Thank you for the kind comments everyone! But what Tolkien freak doesn't have a Numenorean helmet laying about! I couldn't resist!

  11. Love the Tolkien background. Fantastic colors!

  12. Great looking army and background!

  13. This was one of my favourite armies in the whole challenge due to the attention to detail linking the minis to the Tolkien mythology. Proper Oldhammer! *Doffs cap*


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