Saturday, April 3, 2021

ZeroTwentythree's March Eldar Pirates (347 pts)

Rank & File #2

The prefector and the main body of his troops were pinned down by a small group of private security troops hunkered down behind a makeshift strong point of  heavy cargo containers and industrial equipment. "Kel!!"
The quick reply from just behind nearly made him jump. The rest of the crew tended to drift towards individualism, he often forgot that his new aide, Kel, was more likely to shadow him.

"We'll never get anywhere til we root those mon-keigh out of their shell. Bring up the D-cannons."
"But sir, we can't. The D-Cannons haven't been painted yet."
The prefector wasn't sure what irked him more, being called "sir" or the fact that the D-cannons weren't ready. He made a mental note to demand the ship's artisan to paint them for his April entry. Hammering away at them with the D would have been perfect for opening a gap in their defenses.

"Well, if we can't give them the D, send Noods."


It was possibly a risky proposition. The Danger Noodles were an odd bunch that favored close combat and gory weapons. He suspected that more than a few were former Scorpions. But they were good at what they did, rivaling the Vipers in terms of skill and experience. Nobody liked to be on the receiving end of unexpected Noods.

"Send Noods. One squad. That will throw them off guard."

March was another rough month for me. My goal was two squads of heavy (for Eldar pirates) infantry. Very rough. I won't bore you with the details. I probably made it worse by drifting off into working on other things besides OWAC Eldar.
The first of my goals was a squad of Vipers. They're an upgrade from the Serpent squads, get power armour and all troops count as champions. So I picked through the figures with the heaviest looking armour and weapons to match the squad build. The only one that seems off is the melta trooper, but that;s the only figure produced who has the right weapon. I'm OK with that. As I was painting these I realized that I never quite made the connection before -- the two "pointing" figures aren't actually pointing. They both have Jokaero digital weapons on their fingers!
I decided to paint all the power-armoured figures in a different color from those equipped with mesh armour.
Next I worked on a new, custom addition to the pirate list... 

I'm guessing the way the list in Chapter Approved: Book of the Astronomican were created is similar to the way early WFB lists and regiments of renown were created -- they were generated by early games & play-testing by the author(s) & their friends (studio team?) So the lists are specific -- not just "orks" or "space marines" or "eldar" or whatever, but a specific group of ork raiders, space marine chapter, or eldar pirate crew. So, in RT fashion, I'm customizing the list. I will have no "Zoat Terror Squads" but I'm going to make a couple of new squads to utilize the RT era Eldar figures that have no other place in the Chapter Approved list in the hope of fielding most, if not all, of the old range.

I came up with two squads. Sticking with the serpentine naming conventions, one is the Venom squad (not yet painted.) The second was a squad using some of the heavy armoured & melee equipped figures. I opted for "elite" status similar to the also power armoured Viper squad upgrade. At first I was going to name them Rattler squads, since several figures have chainswords. But after further consideration, that seemed too "wild west." So I went to the ultimate cultural reference: memes & t-shirts. "Rattler Squad" was now replaced by... Danger Noodles!

I also made a small photo/display board and started working on a skirmish board and terrain so they wouldn't look so awkward being photographed on my fantasy terrain. Also working on a 3x3 terrain board for small skirmish games.

So I made it through March. Barely.

Troops Month:
Viper Squad..... 179 pts.
Danger Noodle Squad..... 168 pts.

March Total....... 347 pts.
Total so far........ 874 pts.


  1. I love the colors and the paint job! Good Idea with the snake names, I'm doing bugs. Team Eldar rules! Go Team Eldar!

  2. Looking great - love how the green works with the teal!

  3. These guys look great! Also, your distractions are excellent so don't feel bad about that.

  4. Beautiful colours again, and well done for staying in the challenge. Love the slightly daft RTesque storyline, too :)

  5. Yup, if in doubt, send the Noods! :-)
    That teal really pops! I like the occasional flash of other colours just to add detail. The colour pallet makes them look so much more alien.
    That's a good few squads you have now - can't wait to see you add to them!

  6. Absolutely love the colours and how unashamedly retro these look. They are like a vision of the sci-fi posters of the 80s and 90s, fucking fab!

  7. Amazing job as always, the teal armour and the purple skins are perfect. Lol at that squad name, it should be considered canon in RT army lists.

  8. Excellent paint job great work on the teal. Very vibrant - it contrasts well with the dark grey metal parts and the vivid green energy blades (and energy orb?)


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