Sunday, June 9, 2024

Nathan’s leader month plus a few friends (395 points)

Ah the finish line is in sight. This month I did my army leader and finished off the rest of the witch elves. A pretty meagre haul to be honest so in June I’m going to paint up the remaining cold one cavalry plus my cold one chariot. Anyway here is the points value of my May figures:

- 1 Witherwitch (Level 20 wizard) on cold one with hand weapon - 325 points

- 5 witch elves with light armor with two hand weapons and poisoned attacks - 70 points

Here they are:



  1. Nothing meagre about a leader month and half a rank and file month combined! Remember, even the minimum OWAC requirements are a worthy hobby achievement and get you a proper army at the end. Good work and keep it up! :)

  2. It's a solid leader month, well done! The black and gold armour looks really nice

  3. Never apologise for getting the job done, the Field of Bones is full of the overambitious! And that wizard looks properly mean :)

  4. Lovely stuff again! The blue skin is great!


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