Saturday, December 30, 2017

Andrea’s Wood Elves core and elite units: Glade Guards and three Wardancers (198pts)

Hi to all, 

Here we are with December entry of the Wood Elves hunting party: the whole Glade Guards unit, including champion and standard bearer, and the first three Wardancers (a total of 198 pts).

Wood Elves Glade Guards with spear are the first miniatures I ever painted, back in 90s: among the 10 in the unit, four are the very same minis from that past! 

Unlike Glade Guards of late 90s (those across the 4th and 5th edition), these do not have a truly military uniform. After all they
were originally warriors of kinbands, individuals from elven families sent to war wearing familiar colors. Therefore, I choose to give them a various shape with everyone using different combination of colors. I just kept the same color palette to give a kind of unit’s uniformity. The champion is the only one wearing an armour and a shield, somehow indicating he is the only one life-long committed to war. Painting this unit is a dream coming true, as I always wished to have it in my army, and I am happy with the results!

I already painted Wardancers, in the past: my first unit was with late 90s minis (this was sold or traded long time ago), then I painted two further units using late 90s and 6th edition minis. Finally, I started painting the old ones! Here you see the first three (out of a unit of 8 individuals). They are completely different from the recent sculpts, as they are mostly covered by clothes, armours or suit and there is little space for war tattoos. Though, the sculpts appears a little more dynamic. I enjoyed really much painting them!

A final remark on the black/white priming. The desired effect do not appear pronounced as expected; however, it helps a lot while painting as it give somehow pre-shades to the model. I think I will continue in this way!

January will be a busy month, I think it will be the month for a character but still undecided if the general or the mage! We will see...

I wish you all a Happy New Year!
Cheers, Andrea


  1. Some of the nicest minis citadel ever did - and you have done a nice job painting them up. Looking forward to the next instalment

  2. Those are some really nice models and a great paint job. I remember that the best painter in our group, back when I played 5th ed., had a beautifully painted wood elf army with those same models. Looking forward to seeing your army grow

  3. Great job! and I do black/white priming (black wash, white priming) I think it is easier to get bright clear colors that way.

  4. Nice colors, these are the elves I remember from the photographs in the 3e rulebook.

  5. I really like that green that ties they glade guards together. Another fine batch of figures.

  6. Great stuff! Nice work on the warpaints

  7. Thank you, guys! Let’s see what it will come out with the next ones: the general and a couple of wardancers

  8. Proper Oldschool! Excellent work on the Ziggy Stardust face paint for the Wardancer with sword and axe


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