Saturday, December 30, 2017

Arjen's Plaagrotter's Marauders: Peace and Love and Plague (234pts)

For December I had the choice of an easy 200+ points or a Mulligan, with my Son's birthday preparations and being away for the holidays and all. Luckily my selection contained a unit of 6 Chaos Marauders, that should be doable in a few stolen hours, right?

It was barely, luckily we decided my mother in-law needed a break from having the whole family over for the time spanning Christmas and New Year so we went home in between, giving me a couple of evenings to paint these bastards:


Yes, I know Jaek and Helwud are "supposed" to be aligned to Khorne but I figured this was from their time when the were still Chaos God curious or from after they were brought back to life following their encounter with Kaleb. It reminds of the times my son asks me, every time he sees Anakin/Darth-Vader or a Clone/Storm-Trooper in a movie, cartoon or book, he is all confused and asking me:" Is this from when they were good guys, turned bad guys or after they become good again?" That stuff, Jaek and Helwud are probably from all those times at once here, given the fact that time and continuity doesn't mean shit in the Chaos Wastes.

Anyhow; I wanted to give each a different major color scape retaining a limited palette. I like the way the sculpts from this time period are all very different. Also I didn't want to use any metallic paints, even though all of them are covered in chain and heavy armour sporting huge blades and heavy morning stars. I was still suffering a bit from my initial mistake with the primer, leaving a very coarse surface, obscuring small details. Then again, too much detail usually flummoxes me when painting miniatures and this being Nurgle Chaos, some coarseness and dirt is part of the look. If I was painting High elves or orderly Empire or Brettonian I would be properly F*cked. I'm not, so yay, on to some more pictures:

Peace indeed, take a good look at them bastards. I Like the Lemon-drop look of the most left one, I think I'll call him Jaundice.
Look at these ingrates, ready to date your sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, mothers and fathers; they don't care, they just want some cheap beer every ones in a while.

Yes and "Love" too, look at their smiles.
You know, looking at them now. They seem like a couple of fricking posers. Pin-head (the green armor one) seems kind of ready for business but the other one look they are trying out for a Man-O-War album cover (being to dim to realise that they only fuckers on a Man-O-War album cover are the Fuckers of Man-O-War fuckers themselves). But; "Love", you have to be bad-ass to sport the word "Love" on a Man-O-War album cover, let alone in a Chaos Warband. Better not have anyone of your family date him, even if he/she is a mixed martial arts MoFo.

Last part:
Free-hand shield work, look at that! Crude yes, still; my first. Hopefully Nurgle will feel fit to loosen up a bit on the continuous barrage of colds and sniffles in my house. Then again, with kids in kinder garden it is inevitable I guess.

So there it is, in a month I thought I needed to use my Mulligan, I was able to crank out this Crud. Now all that is left to do is to finish some left-over egg-nog.


  1. Well done getting these out. I like your shield free hand. When the kids start school it's like living in a petri dish.

  2. Very nice, I like all the different colour schemes and those freehands shields are great, much better than any freehands I'd do!

  3. Nice work. Got a laugh from your Man-o-War comment. That band did some great work back in the day but some of their stuff was laughable

  4. Great job! I like the orange one, actaully ome of my favorite chaos miniature.


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