Sunday, December 24, 2017

Clarence's (Quindia Studios) Slann Wizard - 199 points

Dread Lord Biddliplop, Watcher of Rain and Master of Deadly Wind, absently thrummed fat fingers on his warty knee. The dry skins stumbled down the trail below, bald panic plain on their faces. He supposed it was plain on their faces anyway... he always had trouble recognizing emotions on their tiny features. They had been in the process of looting treasures from the sacred tombs of the Jade Reaches when his warriors set upon them. Scattered and encumbered with gold, they proved no match for his ambushing army. The survivors were unaware that the Cold Ones in pursuit were herding them toward a narrow valley where his elite Eagle Warriors stood arrayed. Perhaps he would order his litter forward and unleash his magic on the thieves once the trap is sprung...

This model has only been finished since December 10th, but I couldn't seem to muster the time nor inclination to base him. I will pit my ability to procrastinate against anyone's!

I grappled with the the tone to use for the slaves as the original models all have very pale skin which seems strange for an equatorial jungle. However, I painted one in tanned flesh and it looked... weird. So, they ended up as palid creatures - I envision them penned up underground when not employed carting their master around.

There's a very complex pattern painted on the rug which is completely obscured in these photos, but when we get near the end of the challenge, I'll take some army pics and make sure to show it off a bit better.

This was a fun model to paint. I haven't decided what's up next.

Hoppy Holidays! (Ok, I'm so sorry about that)


  1. Lovely work as always! Great choice of colors.

  2. That is great painting on a great model (I have never seen before) Love the colors of the frog in the back too!

  3. Didn't know the model either, the result is really good. Congratulations!

  4. "they ended up as palid creatures" - perhaps prolonged exposure to their lord's eldritch powers is slowly transforming them? Regardless, gorgeous work as ever Clarence.

  5. I love this model! And the paint job. That's a great festive submission!

  6. Love it! I did a search for this model and could not find a complete one. I've also been trying to find proxies for lobotomized human slaves, but it's been difficult. I like the pale skin tone.


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