Monday, December 18, 2017

Thomas's High Elves: Pansy's Reavers Dec 270pts

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!  For my December entry I chose my unit of High Elf Reavers to break up the monotony of the infantry.

With the points crunch I wasn't able to give this unit a champion, but being the elite unit in the army, I figured they would be able to handle themselves accordingly with out any added leadership. I did give them bows though for added tacticoolness.

Well enough of my blathering on about points let's see the minis!

 That passage really laid the ground work for the whole Ellyrion theme.  With Lopez having a Dark Elf Army I thought it a perfect fluff for him to constantly trying to gather Black Horses.  To entice him to battle even more I mounted some of my Reavers on Black Horses as a personal insult/challenge to any Dark Elfs they would come across.

 After I got them all done they just needed something extra.  So I decided to give the horses the famous Kislevian horse paint scheme.  I think it's worked rather well, and add's a certain ferociousness to the unit.

 I'm planning on doing the bowmen next, but we will see how I feel after the new year. 


  1. Your use of the Kislev horse scheme is a bold move but it really works!

    1. Thanks Michael, I was slightly apprehensive about it. I’m pleased with the final result. 😉

  2. So much colour!! The unit will really pop on the battlefield! Dark Elves will drawn to it like moths to a flame!

  3. LOL! I was going to do my Reavers with Black and Grey horses, now I am for sure! Great job!

  4. Great looking unit, nice bit of fluff. I had no idea there was Kislevan horse painting. I think it looks good. I also had forgotten about Dark skinned elves. I like that a lot.

  5. Well, this is really a weird color scheme... but, ehy, it works very well! The paintjob is excellent, the result is stunnig: surely the unit will become the centre of the army!

  6. Wow! A very bold move indeed, but it works!


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