Monday, March 26, 2018

Andrea's Wood Elves archers and the last wardancers (196pts)

Hi Guys,
here the last 196 pts planned for the challenge. Finally, my force is finished and this is very cool!

Well before the last post, with the description of the whole force, here's what  should be the core of any Wood Elf army (well... not really in this instance, actually): archers.

Therefore, I am glad to introduce Scarloc Hood and its Marry Elves!

I had to say that painting Scarloc was a great experience: a very precise and clean sculpt, I hope my painting do justice to this wonderful miniature!

To finish, the last three wardancers of the troupe. I hope you like them!

Well, this said, I have something to be included as an extra unit for the next month: just to begin, I could choose between another unit of 10 archers and/or 10 spearmen (4th/5th edition)... or why not a Battle standard bearer hero (6th edition though, but a nice sculpt). We'll see what April can bring to the challenge, if work does not become too much demanding ;-)

Ok, more soon! Cheers, 



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