Sunday, March 25, 2018

Millsy's Empire: Steam Tank and Halberdiers (284 points)

G'day All,

I'm all done! With this submission of a Steam Tank (200 points) and 12 x Halberdiers (84 points) I've completed my force at a total of 1,035 points. Sweet!

So here we have my last two units, firstly an as-yet-to-be-named Steam Tank. I'm not a fan of the crew figure - there's something a little to steam-punky about him for my liking - so I've left him off and closed the hatch. It's a lovely little model and although a bit fiddly to get all lined up right it goes together well enough.

The second unit is a detachment of Halberdiers to support my Greatswords. These are the plug-in series models and although the concept is great in theory, the practicality is that at least in terms of the halberds they don't rank up at all well. No amount of faffing about before gluing or shuffling about when done has allowed me to rank them up neatly. Oh well, c'est la vie!

And that's everything complete. I'll do another post with everything together to finish off. Thanks everyone for all your positive feedback and comments over the last few months. I've really enjoyed sharing my project and everyone else's too. Hopefully we can go around again next year!



  1. Great looking models to close out the challenge with. The “teapot” steam tank is a classic as are the plug & play halberdiers. They are a pain in the ass to rank up, though.

  2. A wonderful end to a beautiful army! If you play it post pics please!

  3. that steam tank is superb and those are some of my favorite halberds...this is just a quality month of work! I'm excited to see a final group shot. Great work

  4. Nice work and congratulations on finishing up the army

  5. Great stuff Millsy. I will say that they look cool. I have several units that I've had to map out so that I could get them to sort of rank up.


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