Sunday, March 25, 2018

Anthony's centaurs join the fray (320 pts )

The thundering of hooves brought a smile to Morgoth's twisted visage. As powerful a sorceror as he was, Morgoth knew that the centaurs were only going to join the ranks of his beastmen followers if he was truly favored by the Blue Serpent. His smile was part satisfaction at the appearance of the centaurs, and equal part gratification that the Blue Serpent was ready to rise and claim the world as his own.   

This month's contingent is 10 chaos centaurs as part of a chaos mercenary contingent. Bare-bones, these guys come out to 320 points. They are not my favorite models, and the painting was especially slow-going since motivation has been the lowest it's been in a while. However, I think that they fit in perfectly with a beastmen- and thug-heavy army theme, what with being part beast and part man. I think they turned out alright, and they bring my army total to 1310 points. Next month (my 'mulligan' month), I may paint up a unit of minotaurs to really cement that 'beast' theme. I may or may not have also started assembling miniatures for the next Army Challenge  ;)

 In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the pictures.


  1. Great looking unit! I like how you used the upper bodies from the Marauder Thugs on a couple of them. I’ll have to remember that when it’s time for me to put mine together.

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  3. Very cool unit, I wonder what you don't like about these, I always loved those models.

    Anyways, I like how you kept your beast theme going for all the challenge, your army really has a cohesive look and style!

  4. They look great, I'm envious of your collection. The bases are also really nice.

  5. chaos centaurs are some of my favorite models....and now I like them even more!


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