Thursday, March 29, 2018

Mustafa’s Wodzo The Irrational and Krauluggetch The Vagrant (423pts)

Wodzo The Irrational and Krauluggetch The Vagrant

I felt so bad about my mulligan the other month that I decided to double my efforts this month! Yes, TWO stunty retinues for your viewing pleasure!

Wodzo The Irrational

At the end of a particularly gruelling battle against a goblin horde, young Wodzo found himself completely drained of energy. While catching his breath, he noticed a bag of mushrooms next to the body of decapitated greenskin fanatic.

Never known for being cautious, Wodzo figured that one of those fungal treats might be just the pick-me-up he needed......

Ever since that day, Wodzo has wandered the Old World, binging on each and every illicit delight he can find. When he isn’t as high as a kite, he gets incredibly aggravated at the sight of any bright colours as they remind him of how long it has been since his last trip down the rabbit hole.

He and his disciples dress in muted, non-bright rags (just in case they can’t score, and one of them gets antsy and kicks off), and travel from battle to battle as they’ve noticed that blood soaked ground produces the most potent digestible.

Wodzo The Irrational 94pts
Chaos dwarf champion
Bulging eyes
Irrational hatred of right colours
Double handed weapon
Light armour

Disciples of Wodzo 114pts
8 Chaos dwarves
Double handed weapons
Heavy armour

Krauluggetch The Vagrant

Before embarking on the bloody path, Krauluggetch had a been a court conjurer for a rich border prince. He had performed simple magic for his wealthy patron who would reward him well for the mindless entertainment he’d provide.
On the surface he appeared to have everything, but deep inside he was empty. His life lacked excitement and passion.
One day, the banality of his existence proved to much for him to bear. While his patron laughed and clapped at a typical parlour trick, Kraulughetch grabbed him by his fringe and slammed his head into an oak dining table. By the time the guards arrived, the patron didn’t have much of a head left, and Kraulughetch had fled.
To atone for his sin of being a magic user, he fights with just his bare hands. Khorne has forgiven him, and has blessed him with a red hand to show his favour. Other follower of the Blood God are less forgiving , so Kraulughetch always travels with his bodyguard of vagrants.

Krauluggetch The Vagrant 90 pts
Chaos dwarf champion
Hand of Khorne
Chaos armour
Magic resistant

The Vagrants 125 pts
8 chaos dwarves
Heavy armour


  1. Wonderful work. Love the grotty feel to them.

  2. Decidedly a great job! These are great models, also!

  3. Great paint jobs Mus, but the backstories are fucking awesome! Your a poet AND a painter AND a kick arse illustrator. I hate you :P

  4. I’ll make you love me and call me daddy.

  5. Nicely done, great comeback from the mulligan.

  6. They look great Mus! You've pulled off that grubby look so well.


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