Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Anthony's April Allies (239 pts)

Word was spreading in the Old World of plunder and death of apocalyptic proportions. Survivors of former cities now sought refuge within the capitals of the Empire and spoke of hordes of savages bearing the heraldry of the Blue Serpent. Meanwhile, Morgoth's hordes only grew larger as followers of the chaos gods were drawn to the strength of his army and the potential to wreak havoc on the kingdoms of men. Packs of beasts of all shapes and sizes were drawn to the din of battle ...

I decided to have a little extra fun during this last month of the challenge. BEASTS! And what could be more beasty than some minotaurs ripping apart a puny Empire foot soldier. These models were really fun to paint and accentuate the theme I was trying to go for in my army: raw but uncontrolled strength. After all, isn't that what a Chaos army is all about?

3 minotaurs with additional hand weapons (132pts)
A beastman army cannot exist without some rabid dogs, and here they are. I sought inspiration from Cerebrus, the "hound of hades" - an all-black dog with 3 heads who guarded the mythological gates to the underworld. I think they turned out quite well. After painting an entire army of night goblins, I'm finally getting the hang of painting black

Beastmaster (15pts, light armor +2pts and shield +1pt) with 4 hounds (92pts) = 107pts 

And finally, a little comic addition to the army. After all, this is Oldhammer. These hideous harpies are crafted by one of my favorite sculptors of all time: Bob Olley of Iron Claw miniatures. As I'm sure you know, they are  based on political figures of the time: Margaret Thatcher on the left and Ronald Regan on the right. Gosh, they are probably the most beastly models of the entire army!

2 harpies - priceless. In true Oldhammer fashion, I didn't check to see their points/stats in the 3rd ed rulebook prior to painting them and, lo and behold, I cannot find them. If anyone knows them, let me know. Otherwise, they will be counts-as beastmen. 

From my math, the final points value of the army is ... *drumroll* ... 1549 points. Not bad for 6 months of work. Overlord, I need a bit of a break though before our next challenge.

Next (and last), an army shot with all the models completed in this challenge and some reflections *cue classical music*


  1. Fantastic submission Anthony! That's why I love Chaos, so much options. Those black chaos hounds and beastmaster are superb.

  2. Those are great Anthony! Especially like the minotaurs and harpies!

  3. Totally baller Anthony. An excellent project all around. I look forward to the Army shot.

  4. That’s a nice collection of beasts!


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