Saturday, April 7, 2018

Blue's April Elves

Well here we are!  The last month of the Old World Army Challenge.  

This post will show the final models that I painted for my thousand point force...including my general...but I will do a separate wrap up post with army shots etc a little closer to the end of the month.

This month saw the smallest number of models for the points because this group includes my general and two other mounted models.

Here is the Points Break Down!

2x Lord's Bowmen     30pts
1x Warrior Kinband   11pts
1x Wardancer             23pts
2x Wood Riders         52pts.
1x General (lvl. 10)   98pts
TOTAL                      214pts

Here is the Group picture...

Here is also your first look at the Shield design I've chosen.

...and here are the individual photos of different troop types.


...also sporting a snazzy shield!

..another Marauder elf snuck into my archer unit (on the right)

Warrior Kinband


One of my favorites...I saved him for last.

Wood Riders
the sculpting on these horses is a little rugged...but they are otherwise nice

I'll be working up some additional trees for my terrain set up before I take my army photos and that will give me some time to finalize my shields and other fiddly bits.




  1. Great work! You've blown this one out of the park. Look forward to seeing everything together

  2. Definitely some of the top-notch painting for this competition! Great army, Chris!

  3. These are gorgeous Blue. Fantastic job all around. I'm really looking forward to your army shots.

  4. Outstanding work Blue! The figures selection for this force has been spot on! The best painted entry in the challenge, surely!

  5. Glorious...can't wait to see what the full army shots will look like. ;)

  6. Lovely work! Looking forwarrd to seeing the completed force.

  7. Gorgeous! This is definitely in the running for best army.

  8. Amazing job, these are great looking shots!


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