Monday, April 2, 2018

Kober's Expeditionary Force - Here comes the King (494pts)

Kober's Expeditionary Force - Added points 494.   Warriors with spears and shields  (240 points ),  Dwarf Wizard (0 points)  doesn't count since I had previously painted him.  Dwarf King  lvl 20 ( 254 points ) 

King Kober the magnificent leads his expeditionary force to rid his hops fields of the Green skin scum.    The Almighty King is supported  by two shield bearers so he can have a clear view of the battle field and meet any Orc eye to eye. 

King Kober has enlisted the services of his trusted advisor and wizard Carl the beer bug crusher (lvl 20) .  Carl has researched the ancient rule of  frost for this adventure.

The morale  of King Kober's troops is at an all time high.   Having Bugmans brew in a frosted mug has been a big hit.

King Kober

Carl the Mug Crusher

Shields have the same Eagle blazon 


  1. Absolutely superb! Lovely choice of King model there too

  2. Nice job! Hadn't seen that king before, either.

  3. Dwarfs with spears, that's sign of old-hammer. Nicely done too.

  4. Those are some good looking models.

  5. Fantastic work. This army is just so fun. I'm really liking the cobblestone and fort wall in the photos, it's a great look.

  6. Really great looking. Your doing the stunties proud.

  7. Oh Wow! Here is a magnificent King!


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