Sunday, April 1, 2018

Mike's Waagh Grogguzzler (224pts)

Here it is now the last day of March and the snow has ended and now its the blessed season of priming before humidity starts is upon us. Well more likely rain, wind, dampness will pervade everything for April. But I digress and the end of the challenge is tantalizingly close now and I am fighting the urge to paint everything but the challenge army after playing a very bloody 4th edition game with my chaos last week. But through perseverance I finished this months unit of Orc Boar Boyz! I went with a unit of 5 armed with spears and Gork'sWar Banner.

I really love the character of the models, but boy do they not fit easily on the mounts. I snapped the foot off one just trying to gently bend the foot out, causing me to glue it until I figure out how to pin it on properly. But I am pleased generally how they came out, though I dread the thought of the other 25 plus boar boyz I have waiting for the future. Next month the plan is to finish up with characters and possibly some goblin wolf riders!


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