Sunday, April 1, 2018

Arjen's Plaagrotter's warband is complete with Phlem and the Metal Heads.

The final push of this challenge, the mandatory part at least, is a unit of thugs with shields and a chaos warrior (total points: 200). I still have to decide whether I use my "mulligan-month" to do extra figures of clean up the units from the last 5 months.

Phlem the Chaos Warrior; as I was painting a unit with a lot of exposed flesh; why not paint this guys armor a nice flesh color? If it makes people slightly nauseous or uncomfortable looking at him then pappa Nurgle is happy. His sword is the infamous Puss-blade. He collected around him a unit of mostly deviant percussionists and axe shredders; the Metal heads.

Phlem, center front, his companions from L->R are; Pissboy, Arnie, Phlem, Obelix and Jack.

Each morning Pissboy collects the mobs morning gold to stain his armor. Arnie could be a human mutant looking like an orc or a pink fleshed orc, no one knows for sure, but as his brother Bart, who joined another Thug unit, and he hate each other with fervor and likely fight each other at sight, best money is on the latter. Obelix used to be enormously fat magically strong, from falling in a druid magical potion as a child, until papa Nurgle gave him this nice tapeworm. Jack, could eat no fat.. let's leave it at that.

Second row:
From L->R Scott, Nicko, old man Lemmy, Philthy and Joey.
And third row:
From L->R Jizmak, Lars, Vinny, Abaddon and Bruce

The rest of the mob were for the most part recruited from the Saxon Man O' GWar: Venom Iron Motör Maiden Head, the most villainous crew of goat-skin bashers, axe shredders and bass dropping moshers. Hanging around Phlem has not improved their general health and hygiene, leaving their skin pockmarked or sallow, it did however increase their ability to hold their liquor and beer. Considering their already impressive ability to imbibe this had lead to a general alcohol sink where-ever this band goes, many allied units have seen their own stock depleted and even found their mouthwash and aftershave disappearing. Phlem is able to keep them following him by claiming he knows the secret entrance to Bugman's Brewery.

This was the most amount of flesh color in a unit I've ever painted and the amount of man-nipples, sixpacks, scant loincloths and side bum showing was maybe a bit much. I was happy to find a purpose for the many barbarian miniatures I got when collecting a Norse army (one of my, still, future projects) but found to "fantasy' of Gaul for that army. Regarding 'Arnie', I love the effect of pink skin colors on the old lanky Perry twin orcs, they look so much more disconcerting with 'normal' skin tones in stead of unnatural green.  I also like painting a skin color on a skeleton, he blends well in the unit and was a great use for a stray (and nice sculpted) skeleton in my collection.

Arjen out.


  1. I love the models, the colors and the fluff, especially Obelix and Pus-blade. Really good and nausea inducing!

  2. Some of your best work of the challenge, certainly! I like the pale almost pink skin, and the pink chaos warrior! Makes for a very striking but sick looking bunch!

  3. Great stuff. I love all the paintwork, but I really like all the names.

  4. painting orcs with flesh tone give decisely a great effect! very nicely made unit!


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