Sunday, May 6, 2018

Arjen's Wrap-up : Plaagrotter Foo Foo the Snoo's warband

Yes, apparently I changed the name of the leader of the warband halfway, sue me. It started as Plaagrotter (rough translated from Dutch as Plague-Rotter), a beastman shaman, and his collection of misfits. When I got down to painting the broo shaman miniature to represent Plaagrotter I though e/she resembled the Dr. Suess illustration of Foo Foo the Snoo. I couldn't change the old and I couldn't leave the new name so: "Plaagrotter Foo Foo the Snoo" it is.

The only one that was willing to take the picture in the house was my 4 yr old daughter; Jocelyn. I think the picture is great, so there.

Until know I was mostly collecting Oldhammer, yes I have a sizable Orc army, but I bought most of that painted and the rest was collected when I had no time for hobbying, after the birth of my lovely angels. Sessions of D&D at our house were exchanged by a few hours here or there to slab some paint on old figures.

After moving to the USA, I was able to bring most of my lead, selling the bulkiest stuff (including, to my regret, the citadel castle).

The challenge was a great chance to finally grap my old lead and choose an army to paint, I just got an awesome lot of lead with pre-slotta Broo so if I ever was going to paint them, this was the time.

Here is the army.
I had plans for April, maybe finishing a unit of mounted marauders or Thugs (knights are too expensive). But in the end I opted to start on my other project; painting my old Elan Merch, Grenadier and pre-slotta Citadel minis for my oD&D sessions.

I did take the time to write names of, at least the firs row, of all the warband members.

The force is:

  • Plaagrotter Foo-Foo the Snoo and the murder Broo: 13 beastmen + beastman shaman lvl 5 = 130+110= 240 points
  • The Metalheads: 14 thugs+shield = 126 points
  • Rudiger's Bastards: 14 thugs with bow = 140 points
  • TeringLeijer's Brothers and Sisters: 14 beastmen (+standard) +beastman hero lvl 5 = 140+60=200 points
  • Plaagrotter's Marauders: 6 Chaos marauders=234 points
  • Phlem: 1 chaos warrior = 74 points
  • The old Man: 1 troll = 64 points
Total : 1084pts

I must say, every unit had it's own challenges. Some were because of my problems priming them, some with dealing with a multitude of monopose or same type of sculpts and sometimes even, realizing that I'm painting old and awesome sculpts that I was afraid of doing injustice to with my paint slob. I'm not a neat painter, not any more, I paint with an eye towards what I still need to do; every second I spend to paint means second X #figures I want to paint for the same army. Looking at a mountain of lead this is quite intimidating.

I took the challenge per unit, 200 points, and that made it "graspable", I could take between a dozen and a score of minis and develop a color-scheme while painting them. And I am very pleased with the result.

I have already used them in a game of Dragon Rampant (Osprey, Mersey) and they looked awesome (and I won). 


  1. Congratulations! And nice to see your face!

  2. Enjoyed your variety of models and the personalization of the force. Congrats!

  3. Congratulations, you’ve got a great assortment of models in your army.

  4. Awesome warband man! You should be proud.

  5. First off, your 4 year old took a fantastic picture of you. I love your army and the fact that you named so many of the figures. It is also most excellent that you already got a game in with them. The challenge helped me focus as well, no time for worrying about things, just go. Well done on the challenge.

  6. I echo your sentiments about taking a practical approach to painting, especially if you have other responsibilities and a family. Your army looks great. Now I'm going to have to name my units, too

  7. A great looking warband, indeed! It should be a great satisfaction to successfully use it in game and winning!


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