Saturday, May 5, 2018

Millsy's Empire Wrap-Up

G'day All,

So I've finished my army for the very first Old World Army Challenge! As the OWAC ran in parallel with the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge (which I entered for the sixth consecutive year) I was already primed and ready to paint like crazy through the Aussie summer. Being able to enter my work in both challenges didn't help with painting time but it certainly did help with motivation! :-)

To kick things off, here's my own personal take on the Warhammer Armies 3rd Edition "family photo". Things will look a lot less neat and organised once my particular brand of generalship comes into effect.

And here's the story of my challenge...

In the Beginning

Here's where I started out - a pile of lead in various conditions, collected over a period of the last 4-5 years through donations by my great mate Evan, from fleaBay auctions or at the bring-and-buy at CANCON (Australia's largest wargames convention).

The Army List

The army list was built around a core of 24 x Carroburg Greatswords, a truly iconic Warhammer unit and one of my absolute favourites. You can click each unit to see the full post for that submission and a pile more photos.
Total: 1,035 points

The End Result

And here's what it turned into over the course of the Old World Army Challenge. 60 x infantry,
5 x cavalry, 1 x steam tank and a hero mounted on a pegasus. I'm extremely happy with how everything turned out and can't wait to get them onto the table.

This lot will join with my larger Empire army (which is still growing) to turn into another one of my megalomaniacal projects, topping out around the 5,000 point mark I suspect. Here's a teaser of some of the other units already painted for those who are interested...

Thoughts on the OWAC

I *love* painting challenges. Six years of the APHC confirms that. They are incredibly positive, motivating events and are for the most part non-competitive too. That's hits just about every sweet spot I have for gaming at a high level. I also get a huge kick from seeing other people's work, learning from their skills and even finding new lead I never knew existed. Will I be back next year if OWAC runs again? Count on it!

Thanks for putting on a great show and for letting me be involved.



  1. Great work! The white plumes really tie the whole thing up, that complete army will be an awesome sight for sure!

    Thanks for joining in Millsy, you've been a fantastic addition to our challenge.

  2. Congratulations on finishing the challenge! I love seeing Empire armies and your's is outstanding.

  3. Empire, my first love. I wish mine was painted as well as yours.

  4. A lovely army and a great job! And congratulations on being one of the few human forces left!

  5. Absolutely fantastic! Wonderful painting on some of my favorite figures. The grand army is shaping up to be massively impressive

  6. Great write up Millsy, I will try and emulate your format. There's a lot to love in this army, but having done a lot of heraldry this challenge, my favorites are the swordsmen. Very clean designs in the same color are visually interesting. I also like the figures you are adding these to.

  7. Love the vibrant colors. The steam Tank and the knights are my favorites. Well done man. ;)

  8. Fantastic work Millsy - well done!


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