Thursday, May 3, 2018

Ben's High Elves --- General & Silver Helm Champion (210pts)

I've painted figures for my general and a champion for The Silver Helms unit I painted for my previous entry. Both figures are 105 points giving me a whopping 210 this month and 1019 total for the challenge. Enjoy the phone quality pics and I'm looking forward to seeing all the army shots soon.

Whoa!!! Mounts for my general, champion and wizard(eventually).

Wizard of shame. Soon you will be painted. Soon.

Accessories. So cool I should have painted them first.
I like the wood grain I did for the champs shield.
Silver Helm Champion. Lvl 10 hero with all the fixins'.
My general. He will die first. Every time. Lvl 10 hero...

Clearly I have a bit more I would have like to finished up and I have a faint hope I will paint the wizard for the army pictures. My plan is to spend Sunday finishing up basing and attempting to take decent pics of my army. As always thanks for looking.


  1. Nice work on the gold, which always goes so well with purple. Congrats on finishing the challenge!

  2. Congrats on bringing more lovely high elves into the world :)

  3. These are quite spectacular. I never noticed before that the horses seem to have Peter Frampton hair. Hopefully you can finish your bonus stuff for the Army shot.

  4. damn those are some wonderful figures! I particularly love the dude with the Axe...hes one of my favorites. These look spectacular and I hope they will ally with my wood elves some day in the future.

  5. Wonderful! Great paintjob, the interior of the shield is a great work :-o


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