Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Jeff Allen's Last entry, Chaos Knights (330 pts)

I was saving the Chaos Knights for last. Mainly because I couldn't find all the bits to the knights. I do have the newer plastic models as a back up, but wanted the older ones. So I painted the other parts of the army while continuing to search my basement hoard for the missing bits.

I finally broke down and bought a lot off ebay. It had the missing bits and plus some others goodies. So now I have at least 3 maybe 4 generations of Chaos Knights.

Please feel free to correct me, I know the combined wisdom of the OWAC is far greater than mine:
1st Generation - metal knight, metal horse.
2nd Generation - metal knight, plastic horse body, metal head
3rd Generation - plastic body of knight, metal arm, plastic horse
4th Generation - plastic knight, plastic horse.

So with all the pieces in order I finally painted the April entry.  I give you my 2nd generation Chaos Knights.

Some Clarifications. I can't paint freehand symbols worth a damn. So I will either order decals for a Chaos symbol or I will have my friend Lou freehand them. The gold trim seems much brighter on the horses now that they are done. I might go back and dull it down with some Nuln Oil. I might also repaint the horse armor to match the knights. Later, much later. I have 700 other projects I set aside for this, not to mention lots of house upkeep.

Army pics coming in a day or so, Cheers!



  1. some of the best chaos knights produced. i love the guy with the helmet crest

  2. I feel the same way as Anthony; the one with the Corinthian style helmet with crest is awesome. Great work Jeff, and a big congratulations on finishing your army!

  3. Looking good Jeff. Hope you find the rest. These are a fitting end to the challenge. Very Chaosy.

  4. Nice work Jeff! I really like the guy on the left with the matching crest on the helm and his mount.

  5. Now thats the way to rack up some points!!

    Excellent work!

  6. A perfect unit to finish up with. These are some of my favorite chaos minis.

  7. wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of that charge, great paint job though!

  8. These are among the best chaos minis ever done! Amazing entry, very good looking


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