Thursday, May 10, 2018

John's End of Challenge

"See this axe? Smell this fiery smoke? Hear this wailing of tormented souls? This is the power we wield, and by the star of eight we will crush your cohorts and lay waste to your lands. We hold the power of hell in our hands. Return to your rabble and face us in battle if you dare. You will bow in rusty chains the next time we see each other, for the Soulforge hungers. All for Hashut!"

Full Army

Warriors x20 - 280 Points

Blunderbuss x10 - 140 Points unit 1

Blunderbuss x10 - 140 Points unit 2

Iron Daemon and Skullcracker conversions - 240 Points unit 1

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer - 59 Points

Black Orcs x10 - 90 Points

Earthshaker Cannon and 2 Magma Cannon Crews - 380 Points

Iron Daemon and Skullcracker conversions - 240 Points unit 2

Blunderbuss x10 - 140 Points unit 3

Me and the Boys
Total Points 1869


  1. Wow! That is some board! Your army has been one of my favorites to watch, great job!

  2. Love the tanks, great paint-job overall.

  3. This army just makes me happy. For all that I dislike about 4th edition, for some reason I love the big hat Chaos Dwarves and Hobgoblins. Great cohesive theme, lovely display board and a proper beard on the challenger. A+++

  4. Excellent work! Quantity, quality, lots of weird Chaos stuff and great cohesiveness.

  5. Very cool! the whole army is quite nice.

  6. John amazing effort. Using the tanks and that color scheme, this is one of my favorite armies of the challenge. Hope to play against it or ally with it some day. ;)

  7. Congratulations on a unique and creative army. The board really ties it together.

  8. Very cool! I like the colour choice, it is very effective

  9. Wow, impressive to say the least. I love it. And A++ for presentation!

  10. Thank you all for the kind words.
    This has been an amazing experience. I hope to see you all in the challenges ahead and one day have a chance to play each of you in a game.

  11. Fantastic army, and a display board too! Making us all look like slackers ;)

  12. I've loved watching this force develop - such atmospheric scenery to go with it has really made it stand out as having real character. Awesome conversions too!


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