Friday, May 11, 2018

Yosef's Brogio's Old World mercenaries

This was a long journey, 6 months!  Time goes fast. Here looking at what the army was going to be initially i see how it has changed. At the beginning it was going to be a cosmopolitan army, with troops from Tilea, Araby, Estalia and Kislev like on the Old Worlder mercenary list.

This was the original concept in green are those that got painted.  On blue are the Kislev ones that were commissioned painted and stayed on the kislev-middenheim project, but could be borrowed for this army. As the Kislev left the party I refocused to a more Estalian style, with  the addition of 4 more brigands , and 7 knights to protect Brogio, now exiled prince of Tobaro (instead of miragliano as the beginning)  and a Giant as their bodyguard. I also added the cart as i thought it fitted well the them, and having a wagon of supplies for the army was always a good idea, specially when the supplied was gold.

So here is the result:

As you could see there is 2 models lacking, a drunkard peasant and the Giant that i think i forgot in the other side of the ocean in the new world. Still searching for those models but i do not find them. So maybe the drunkard and the giant went to have some drinks 

The army is centered now around 2 units of cavalry, one of Tilean condetorri (or estalian cavallero) with Brogio as the hammer of the army, while the other part is the Estalian knights (al-andalus estalians) supported with the giant on the other flank. the center would try to delay the neemy with 16 brigands and 12 gringos, that would protect the pay chest.

Some thing I learned from the Challenge: I hate to paint skin and horses, lately i have been experimenting with only washes on white and had great results on my chaos army. For clothes and weapons they look ok, but for skin they never end looking good.  Also the horses feel so bland that they were more of a chore than an enjoyment. But for the rest it was a joy to paint those guys, so much character!

So here is the list:
-Brogio, human mercenary with  barded warhorse (the bear!!!) , heavy armor, and two  hand weapon. (120)
- Borgio's bodyguard.7 condetteri with Champion (179)
-The al muktars. 6  estalian caballero with banner, musician and Champion (191)
-12 gringos (132)
- 16 brigands with musician and champion (144)
- 6 Estalian villanos with musician and champion (92)
-The Giant (250)
For a big total of 1100 points.

As I was getting into the army, I grew my old worlder painted collection much faster that what i painted with much more painted models. so i got 30 ish more la muktar painted riders. 13 more gringos, 40 estalian villanos, around 360 old citadel infantry army and much more other toys. so the total army should clock  at closer to 6000-7000 points without kislev , empire or bretonian elements. And with some characters even 10k.

After this I am sure what is my next project, some nice chaotic armours, I had from last summer, still no idea if thousands sons, emperor's children or word bearers. I'll see, but that should keep me busy for the next half of the year and no more skin.


  1. I painted 100s of ancients, so I learned to love painting flesh!

    Congrats on painting (and collecting) a rarely seen force!

  2. Congratulations on completing the challenge! Looks like you have a massive collection of miniatures, too.

  3. Congrats on your new army. That is a lot of jealous. It looks great!


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