Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Dave's Dark Elves are Done! (176pts)

Finished! And what a journey it's been! April saw the last snow falls of the season here in the wintery north, which felt like a fitting end to the long trek that started way back in October. I can't say that I've enjoyed every moment of it—even with such a small army, there were countless stressful moments, tedious prep work, glueing and re-glueing broken figures... But now that I am at the end, I can honestly say that I sort of miss it already. Nevertheless, this competition has come with an excellent door prize—a fully painted, table-ready little Dark Elf army of my very own. I am already dreaming up how to expand this little force... Dark Elf Crossbowmen, Assassins, City Guard, Black Ark Corsairs, Witch Elves... they all sound like great directions to take the army!

This final month we have the Dark Elf General, the wicked Vakath himself, along with an alternate model Sorceress as a little bonus for all those who have been leaving the kind and encouraging comments throughout this competition. Vakath is mounted on a special, purple Cold One. Not exactly with the green and blue army theme, but I really wanted him to stick out and not blend in with the other units too much. I have given him a sea serpent on his shield to retain a little of that reaver theme. The sorceress is a little more in line with the general colour scheme of the army, although I also gave her a purple headpiece to match the general's mount. This is the Talisman plastic sorceress (who incidentally is modelled after the sorceress on the cover to the 1995 Dark Elves army book). She showed up in the Games Workshop studio army, but sadly I have not seen her in too many other armies. She was an absolute delight to paint and making her emerald cape and neon-pink hair was a great deal of fun. Below is a view of her cape.

That comes two models, only one of which is worth any points in the army:

Dark Elf General ~ 176 pts
Cold One, Heavy Armour, Lance, Shield

Alternate Dark Elf Sorceress ~ 59 pts, but really zero!
No upgrades

That's it for me this month! A small number of figures to wrap up the challenge, but it allowed me to go into more detail than I had been able to with the previous entries. The next post will show off the entire army and I'll give my thoughts on the process and experience!


  1. I've enjoyed following your progress! You've kept a nice look and consistency throughout the challenge, the army shot will be great!

  2. Well done Dave. Congrats on getting everything painted!

  3. Nice end to the challenge. I felt the same emotions going through it. The sorceress is a nice addition to the force. I had not seen the model before.

  4. Great stuff. Dark Elves are in the pipeline for me, and this challenge has been full of inspiration!

  5. WEll played sir!!@! Its a great looking group! I can't wait for all the army shots!

  6. Excellent finish to the challenge!

  7. That a great finish for this amazing and well themed army! I love the sorceress model and you did a nice work on her. The wintery scene is of great effect!


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