Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Kober's Longbeards, and extra expeditionary force reinforcements (350pts)

Baggage Train/ Trophy cart. Points : Free
Long Beards Points : 350
3=man bolt-thrower Points 54. X3 Total Points: 162
2-man fire throwers Points 56 . X2 Total Points 112
Gyrocopter (50) with lvl 5 Hero (48) Points 98 X2 Total Points 196
Baggage Train - Anvil of Doom. Points Free

Baggage Train/ Trophy cart. Shields of vanquished enemies are hung form the side of the cart. Loaded on the cart is extra weapons, a barrel of beer, a lock box, and a crate snacks.

The  Long Beards -  King Kober's Elite shock troopers.  The unit is armed with eagle shields like other units in the army.  Notice all models in this unit are wearing the flat topped helm.

Anti Air defense.

2 man flame teams. The flames are made by Armorcast (Flames painted by Darrin Stevens)

Thwoppa Thwoppa Thwoppa

Gyrocopter attack wing. The squad is comprised of two 5th level heros. The rules for the Gyrocopter are in WD 100 pages 53,54. The stands are magnetized and the rotors are not glued. (Again Thanks to Darrin Stevens for painting the flames)

Baggage Train - Anvil of Doom

The Rune Smith is on a magnetic base with a magnet inset in the anvil.

Notes: This force was not all painted in April. Only the Long Beards are my April submission. The other units have been painted at various times over the last couple of months. Darrin Stevens painted the Armorcast flames while giving me Air brush instructions. Thanks !!!


  1. Spectacular! And I never thought of flames LOL!

  2. That baggage train is the greatest thing ever!!! What an awesome idea. Well done dude!

  3. Awesome! Now I want a baggage train!

  4. What an awesome way to close out the challenge. Great models & I love the attention to detail with the Longbeards all having flat topped helmets.

  5. So many cool stuff! But the Long beards are my fav; big block of dwarfs always look so good

  6. So much to love in this, but the baggage and War Altar (Anvil of Doom) are hands down my favorite part of this. Really looking forward to the Army shot.

  7. Awesome months entry man! Agreed the baggage train is the cherry on top. Adding the shields of the vanquished. Awesome idea.

  8. Great work, these dwarves are really impresisve!


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