Friday, May 18, 2018

Mustafa’s wrap up: How I learned to love the beard.

Stick a fork in me, I’m done! The challenge is finally over and I’m feeling pretty chuffed with how my chaos dwarves turned out :)

I did use a mulligan,  but made up for it in one of the other months. No need to feel to guilty, right?? RIGHT!?!?

These little psychos will make a welcome addition to my small human chaos faction from a year or so ago.

I’m already forward to next year’s challenge and am leaning towards Wood Elves with Halflings. Saying that, I do have a lot more chaos that needs painting. Hmmm.......

Frundi and Brundi (lv 15 Hero, Army General) 180 pts
-Daemon Weapon
-Chaos Armour
-Huge Head
-Siamese Twins
-Blood Rage

Dragon Ogre 87 pts
Chaos Spawn 100 pts
Gothtor Hellsmelter (lv 5 hero) 140 pts
-Chaos armour
-Breath Fire
-Horrible stench
-Flame Hammer

8 Chaos Dwarves 125 pts
-Heavy armour

Skimich the Craven (lv 5 hero) 90pts
-Chaos armour
-Massive intellect

4 Chaos Dwarf bazookas 268pts
- Heavy armour
Wodzo The Irrational (lv 5 hero) 94pts
-Bulging eyes
-Irrational hatred of right colours
-Double handed weapon
-Light armour

8 Chaos dwarves 114pts
-Double handed weapons
-Heavy armour

Krauluggetch The Vagrant (lv 5 hero) 90pts
-Hand of Khorne
-Chaos armour
-Magic resistant

8 chaos dwarves 125pts
-Heavy armour

Grozhart the Slaughterer 91pts
-Chaos armour
-Aggression bonus
-Shield and axe

8 Chaos Dwarves 106pts
-Heavy armour

Total 1610


  1. Such an awesome army man! Well done!

  2. Looks great!! Proof you can do a great Oldhammer army with new stock. Bravo!!

  3. These are so great! I loved reading the fluff, and especially your general!

  4. Love it. Those eye shield and the spider are my faves

  5. One of my favourite armies of the challenge. Well done!

  6. Congratulations on your evil stunty army. It looks awesome.

  7. Thanks a lot guys :)
    I’ve learnt that I love painting armour! I’m not a big fan of painting beards though :(

  8. Such a fantastic army! Very cool

  9. Awesome sauce all around. Well done!

  10. I'll just pile on to what everyone else said. A great looking army with an engaging backstory.

  11. Another of the stand out forces for me - I love the different contemporary ranges of minis used, while still keeping a real Oldhammer flavour!

  12. Cheers Stuntcat :)

    I’d have loved to do an army full of Marauder Chaos Dwarves, but my selfish family insist on eating and having a roof over their heads :(

    These Macrocosm Chaos Dwarves do a good job as rank and file, and have consistent look to them.

    I’ve got a couple more heroes I’d like to add at some point, but that’s for next year......


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