Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Ratwig's OWAC II Entry #5: Tomomori's Mercenary Samurai (212 points)

Submission 5 consists of 18 Mercenary Samurai. Tomomori is a Lord Sekiguchi lieutenant who recruits ronin into a band of pirates. Some have nothing but their weapon, others having a little more means. If noticed for their skill, they may be pulled to the Lord’s personal Hatamoto bodyguard contingent.

These are some more older Citadel figs I had from the ‘80’s sitting with the rocket launcher waiting for some paint. The leader’s name, “Tomomori”, was sculpted in the figure’s base. Only three of these are slotta bases, the rest are older with solid bases.

18 x Mercenary Samurai Warriors with level 5 leader, whose only upgrade is double handed weapon. Total points: 212

Ratwig out


  1. Brilliant! they look really good, I like the bottom lip colour - nice detailing throughout :)

  2. Very cool. I like how you painted the swords, it's a great detail.

  3. Fabulously old school, and great variation within the unit :D


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