Saturday, January 28, 2023

Ian's Mordheim - The Warpstonegnawers

From the bowels of Mordheim comes a band of rejected rats, abhorred by their own kind and seen as the lowest of the low. They grew up with an anomaly that should have get them all kill on the spot: pale fur. They were saved only because none of their rat peers wanted to touch them and mostly by the fact that they fled quickly and far away at the first throw of rock.

I present you: The Warpstonegnawers. In a city without hope, their existence is as hopeless as their quest for warpstone and glory. They named themselves out of despair, to give their band a semblance of strength and nastiness... because they haven't seen yet a piece of this glowing rock.

Kirch-R-Ess-Onh, Assassin Adept

Qhrotch Fullblood, Eshin Sorcerer

Dikch Prideboner and Qoch Bonekrusher,
Wannabe Black Skaven

Tick Nightcutter and Toch Nightfork,
Night Runners

Skrutomch's Gang, Verminfin

Dumb and Dumber, Rat Ogre and Giant Rat

The war band is worth 505 points without Dumb and Dumber. Those last two are lost somewhere and they might join later depending on the Warpstonegnawers success in the streets of Mordheim.


  1. Squeak-squeak, these are filth-filth. Great work-work.

  2. The roster is a really nice touch!

  3. Ha, love the rat ogre and his sidekick!
    Great work!

  4. Gnawesome! It wouldn't be OWAC season without a load of rats - great to see them in the Special Edition too :)

  5. Beautiful job! Nice and grimy but colorful!

  6. Yes-yes, much power-glory awaits these sneaky rats! These are great models and your painting really captures the the grimdark feel of City of the Damned. Pale fur looks great, so good choice of colours. Go team Mordheim! 😁


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