Thursday, June 6, 2019

Iannick's Curses of May (350 points)

I must take you into my confidence and warn you. There is a curse which says that all persons present at the opening of a Pharaoh's coffin and who gaze at the face of the mummy therein, shall die. You have been Warned! 

This month is a thematic month of curses, for I have painted Mummies and a Gorgon! The funny part is it seems my mummies were indeed cursed! When I started the challenge I couldn't find 3 figures of the classic 3rd edition Citadel mummies I knew I bought a few years back. Now this was very unusual as I'm a neat freak with my collections (a place for everything and everything in it's place), bordering on OCD! And yet after looking everywhere I couldn't find the models. Damn! Fortunately a member of the OWAC graciously offered to send me some. But bad luck struck again and they got lost somewhere between continents (once again I've very rarely lost packages. Canada Customs sucks, but usually it does, eventually, reach it's destination). I couldn't believe it, the curse was real! 

But I really wanted to include mummies in my force. I'm a big horror fan and mummies have always fascinated me, and I used to watch on late TV the old Boris Karloff movies. One of my main criticism of the new post 4th edition undead force is indeed the absence of the classic mummies (now part of Khemri, but even then the models don't have that old school vibe to them). So I dug in my collection of bare metal and found a trio of Reapers mummies. Quite nice models, really, if not for their lack of poses. I like their height and their style. If not for nostalgia's sake I probably prefer these ones to the Citadel ones.

Anyways, mummies are expensive rank and file troops in 3rd edition, and are about as close to tanks as the Undead will get. Tough SOB's, really, and at 80pts a pop quite expensive!

That doesn't make for a very productive month, so at the last minute I also added a Gorgon to my month's tally. This model is from the classic and timeless Citadel Night Horrors, sold as "Medusa". It's an incredibly simple figures, and to me that fits very well with the Medusa myth. Gorgons don't need to be imposing monsters, and such a simple and small figures conveys even more the terror of her stare.

Still, a small month in figures counts, even though these four are worth 350 points! I intend to make up for this month's small productivity in June, and the plan is to paint a unit of Zombies as well as my Plague Cart (one of my favourite model ever). 

  • 3 mummies : 240pts
  • 1 Gorgon : 110pts


  1. The Mummies Curse! How apt/tragic! I hope the rest of them turn up eventually.

    I'm not sure I can put how much I love the use of Night Horror Medusa as a Gorgon in WFB into words. Brilliant!

  2. You will find and get the lost mummies in time for next year's challenge, surely!

  3. I really like the mummy models, especially their eerie skin color

  4. Very nice job! The greenish palette is really appropriate!


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