Wednesday, May 22, 2024

April Round-Up

 Greetings readers, we're here with another round-up, this time covering the April blog posts. So without further adieu, let's dive right in, shall we?

Chris has knocked out another 20 Chaos Warriors.

John R brings us a team of Imperial Archaeologists.

Mustafa's Beakies have gained a leader.

Jaakko's Squats have gained another squad, plus a robot and more terrain!

Tom's brought the Horrors and a stunning Nurgle Champion!

Pokrzyw has upped the armament on his Dark Elves.

Adrian's High Elves have gained some Emerald Swords.

Mariano's Wood Elves have big axes this time around.

Skal's scaled up Rhino is a thing of beauty.

Chris P's Freebooters have gained some Gretchin!

AdamH has painted 30 Clanrats, yes-yes!

James WRR has provided not just a Slaaneshi warband, but a whole story of them as well!

Ben's Alpine Gnomes have gained some artillery.

Filippo's Undead Leader is bringing the pain.

Paul's Wood Elves and Tom's undead have both celebrated their Leader Month with a game!

Ben's Eldar have also gained Leaders.

Shadespyre's painted an incredible spirit host for his Wood Elves, along with Beastmasters and Rank & File!

Slaaneshchild's Plague Knights are a sight to behold!

Sybou's painted his leader, some beastmen and some outstanding Dragon Ogres!

Byron's executed a stunning conversion of Durthu the Treeman!

PaulM's had a challenging month but brings us some Wood Elf cavalry nonetheless.

John Bentley's added some Thunderers to his Dwarves.

Nathan's Witch Elves are looking great.

Samuel has added some Handgunners to his Grand Army of Nuln.

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