Wednesday, February 14, 2024

January Round-Up

 Hello all! January is now firmly in the rear-view mirror and all of our January entries have been posted. We've lost a few people along the way already, which is always something to be mourned, but we also have a lot of spectacular posts to review. So let's begin, shall we?

We opened with AdamH's spectacular Skaven Slaves - 25 of them!

Following them came James WRR's stunning daemonic incursion, in brilliantly vivid colors.

Jaakko brought us some wonderful Squats, including a fantastic banner.

Shadespyre produced an incredible number of Wood Elf Archers this month.

Filippo's Undead came shambling forth in impressive numbers!

JohnR painted some wonderful RT Mechanicus and servitors.

Ben's brought us some very attractive Eldar, complete with old-school decal work.

It's just not the OWAC without Mariano's Wood Elves.

Sybou's Beastmen are a marvel to look at. Love that banner!

JohnB's Dwarves made a strong opening showing with their artillery.

Tom's Chaos Renegades are wonderful. I can't get enough of the color scheme!

Slaaneshchild's presented us with a lovely (if that's the right word) collection of Plague Flagellants.

Bill's showing his Averland pride with a unit of Helblitzen.

Mustafa's got some classic beakies on display this month.

Byron is knocking it out of the park with his $5 craft paint Wood Elves!

George has made the bold choice of starting with his Bad Moon general.

PaulM's delivered the goods with some Dryads and Wood Elf Archers.

Pokrzyws' Witch Elves make a strong early showing, bringing the Cauldron of Blood with them.

Other Ben's Alpine Gnomes are looking sharp.

ChrisP's bringing da Waaaagh with these Goffs!

Ian's Undead look fantastic - I have fond memories of that skeleton kit!

Adrian's High Elf Archers are wonderful to look at - love those rich colors!

Skal's Nurgle Troopers are deliciously disgusting - and I love the black light shot with the glowing eyes!

Chris has been painting Chaos Centaurs, plus an incredible Cloud Giant as his secret santa offering!

Paul and his son Tom have had a banner month - 35 Wood Elves and 30 Skeletons, respectively!

Samuel's Grand Army of Nuln is looking spectacular - I am envious of those rich yellows!

Nathan's Dark Elf crossbows are looking sharp in a classic color scheme!


  1. This round up post is a fantastic idea !

  2. Love the idea of the round up post!

  3. Nice!
    saves having to search through the posts if you want to re-read or find anything. Great idea!

  4. Great idea to put in a post like this, but does anyone even know it's here?

  5. Awesome idea to have this round-up. Remember to post comments on everyone's entries.

  6. A great idea. But like others I wasn't aware it was a thing.


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